Podsafe Comedy Countdown #36 – Parroting Parodies.

The PhilosophyGuy counts down some great comedy parody songs. Bum Rush the Charts review and my ‘Hate / Hate’ relationship with my cell phone.

Most music courtesy of Podsafe Music Network

podsafe music network

Bonus TracK 1: Superfrog – Spaff and Robert Lund

Number 5: Raking the Lawn – Funny Music Project – Possible Oscar.

Number 4: Boyfriend Points – Tom Smith.

Number 3:Time With Your Wife – Funny Music Project – Raymond and Scum.

Bonus Track 2: Mine Again – Black Lab.

Number 2: Osama bin Ladin Ruined my Birthday – Pudge.

Garage Band Song of the Week: Hang it Up Bee-Yotch – Carl Hatmaker.

Number 1: She’s Underage - Funny Music Project – Seamonkeys.

Mentioned on the show

If you haven’t already, buy “Mine Again” by Black Lab at Bum Rush The Charts.

**** Bum Rush The Chart Update ****

Since I recorded the show on Sunday, new Bum Rush the Charts stats were published. “Mine Again” made it to number #11 in the Rock Charts on Sunday up from #67 on Thursday. Awesome!! Congrats to all of you who get it.

Check out Twig and Tasha on the Audio Pandemic Show

Download Episode 36 here.

4 Responses to “Podsafe Comedy Countdown #36 – Parroting Parodies.”

  1. pudge says:

    Thanks for playing my song. Rock on …

  2. Your Welcome.

    It’s a great song. Keep them coming :) .


  3. pudge says:

    Hey PhilosophyGuy … I am patiently waiting for a new episode, but since Ep #36, I’ve gone back and listened to the first 35. Just thought you should know how much of a slacker you are. ;-)

  4. palenoue says:

    More Tom Smith! Yeah!

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